The Inaugural Canberra Girl Geek Dinner is go!
Here's the news you've all been waiting for ... the inaugural Canberra Girl Geek Dinner has launched!

Date: Saturday, 21 February, 2009
Time: 7pm for a 7:30 start
Venue: Turkish Pide House, Jamison, in their private dining room.
RSVP: In the comments for this post - please remember to tell me your name and whether or not you will be coming with a guest

Because it's the first one we've had, it's an open mic night. No one has to stand up and talk, but it would be great to have a few of you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you're in to. I'll also be giving you a little bit of a run down on the past, present and future of Girl Geek Dinners.

The night is intended to be relaxed and fun, with a technical focus. Anyone is welcome to attend, but guys need to make sure they have a girl to escort them.

We don't have any sponsors yet, so unfortunately you have to pay for this one. The banquets come to around $20-25 a head, so please bring enough cash on the night to cover the food and whatever drinks you might have.

See you all there!
22 Responses
  1. caronnect Says:

    Fantastic!! Glad that it's been organised. Looking forward to it :-D

  2. Stelle Says:

    I'll be coming with Peterh if he can make it! Very excited, L!!

  3. Rae Says:

    I'll be there... Rae:)

  4. Me plus my 10 year old mini geek girl!

  5. Chisa Says:

    Sounds good, I'd like to come along :)

  6. jen Says:

    keen to come but have 3 yr old twins and husband will be overseas. Will see if there's any chance of someone else babysitting but not holding breath, but keen for the next one... jen

  7. Loquacity Says:

    Jen, hopefully you can find a sitter, but even if you can't make it, keep your ear to the ground for GGD #2!


  8. Ruth Ellison Says:

    I'll be there and with my geek hubby.

  9. shinydragon Says:

    I'm a maybe so far!

  10. Claine Says:

    I should be able to make it.

  11. Nurie Says:

    Definitely interested! :) I'm Nurie and I'll be bringing my geek boyfriend.

  12. caronnect Says:

    I'll be bringing my geekish partner Nigel :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I am neither a girl or a geek (and no partner), can I come? Aaron

  14. Loquacity Says:

    Aaron, you just need to find a friendly girl geek who has an invitation going spare - every girl gets one invitation. You don't need to be in a relationship with them, you don't even need to arrive together. Just ask them to RSVP to me and mention your name (as well as their own, of course!).


  15. Loquacity Says:

    Commented in another post and copied here by me to try and keep things organised:

    Anonymous said...

    I'll be there plus 1 male friend.
    22 January, 2009 19:07

  16. Pia Waugh Says:

    I'll be there with my geek partner Jeff :)

  17. Loquacity Says:

    Pia, I'm looking forward to meeting you!


  18. Carina Says:

    I'll be there.

  19. Mana Says:

    I will be there representing GGD Sydney. It will be good to see what ideas you ladies have... might just steal some :)

  20. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like fun - i will be there with my geeky hubby


  21. Anonymous Says:

    I just heard about this. I'd like to come with a work colleague.


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there!

    I'm a long-time supporter of LinuxChix and would love to come to the dinner, but I need someone to sponsor me for that to happen. Are there any women who aren't bringing a partner to the dinner that would mind sponsoring me?

    Thanks in advance,


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