Final GGD for 2010
Despite my very best attempts, I have apparently failed to secure a sponsor for one last GGD for 2010. That said, I'd love to get everyone together for one last hurrah this year. How do you all feel about a casual Christmas-themed picnic by the lake? Everyone can bring a plate of something yummy to eat, we'll make sure we have a few balls to kick around, kids and bikes are most welcome.

I know it's a busy time of year, so I've got a few possible dates for you to choose from.

Let me know if you're interested by choosing the best dates for you. Also, if you have any suggestions for how you would like this event to look, drop them in the comments!

UPDATE 10 November 2010:

Thanks for all the interest! I've set the date for 12 December. Check out the latest post for all the details. See you then!

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