Press Release: Geek Women Wear The Badge With Pride
On October 14th, 2009 the 3rd Girl Geek Dinner Canberra (sponsored by Google Australia) was held at the Burns Club in Kambah. The keynote speaker for the event was Senator Kate Lundy, who shared her experiences as a woman using technology through her career. Over 50 women (and men) attended the event to make it an outstanding success.The 4th Girl Geek Dinner Canberra is now being planned for February, 2010 and we are seeking women who work with Technology (in any way) to join our community. We are also seeking sponsors for our events to help raise the profile of Girl Geek Dinners, and women who work with technology in the Canberra region.

Girl Geek Dinners Canberra
The Canberra Chapter of Girl Geek Dinners was started in February 2009 by Lana Brindley, a technical writer, when other Girl Geek Dinners started up in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Lana Brindley says “My vision for Canberra dinners is to provide a casual and fun environment, with a variety of speakers on different topics. The dinners provide an opportunity for attendees to network with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. I aim to keep the dinners light hearted, and fun, with a range of speakers on different topics. It's a diverse and interesting group, which comes through in our talk schedule.

What Are Girl Geek Dinners
The concept of Girl Geek Dinners was introduced by Sarah Blow (London UK) 4 years ago when she tired of being one of the few women to attend technical events. The ethos behind Girl Geek Dinners is to provide a platform for learning and networking in an informal environment for geek women (that is, women who use technology). Girl Geek Dinners are always held in pubs, clubs or bars, and there is usually a speaker or three who talk for a short while on a chosen subject for the evening. Men are welcome, of course, but only at the invitation of a Girl Geek – this ensures that the event has a female majority. There are 49 active groups, and another five in the pipeline, worldwide.

Are you a Girl Geek?
If you are a woman who uses IT, you are welcome to join Girl Geek Dinners Canberra. Meet women from all walks of life who use technology in many different ways in an informal and friendly environment.


For More Information:
Lana Brindley Ph: 0410 500 659
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